General Info 


General Information

Postal: PO Box 545 Kings Langley NSW 2147

ABN: 81 099 043 371

E-mail: info@kllac.org.au

Home Ground

Fred Vassel Fields

Morgan Power Reserve

Vardys Road Kings Langley

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 Competition Evenings

 Competition evenings are held on Friday’s. Evenings commence at 6.30 pm sharp with athletes assembling in their age group announcements are  made. Age Mangers and parents then take athletes from event to event. Programs consist of age modified events as specified by LAANSW.

 Privacy Policy

 Our privacy policy is adopted from the Privacy Policy of LANSW . Click here for further information. We strongly recommend that you read the Privacy  Policy in full. Any concerns or questions please Contact Us or see a Committee member

 at the Information Desk and must have signed the LA NSW child protection form.

 Child Protection Statement

 Protecting children from abuse is a responsibility that we all undertake. Through the implementation of strategies that assist in preventing child abuse

 from occurring. Kings Langley Little Athletic Centre Incorporated has taken a pro-active role in relation to child protection and intervention. These strategies  will help to foster a safe positive environment for children and young people to participate in little athletics. Kings Langley Little Athletics Centre I ncorporated is committed to ensuring that a safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people are maintained at all times during their  participation in activities run by Kings Langley Little Athletics Centre Incorporated. Kings Langley Little Athletics Centre Incorporated aims to promote a  safe environment for all children and to assist all committee, officials, coaches , members and volunteers to recognize child abuse and neglect and to

  follow the appropriate notification procedures when reporting alleged abuse.more here


 Registration fees cover the Association affiliation and Insurance. There are no weekly fees for the grounds or officials, etc. Athletes receive a sticker book  to keep track of their achievements and an Information Book. Part of registrations is that a parent/guardian is willing to sign the helper form and assist in  the running of events during the season

 Age Groups

 All athletes are placed in Age Groups. An athletes age group is determined by his/her age on the 30th September. Eg. an athlete who is 8 on the 30th  September is in the under 9 age group.


 The Centre cannot operate without your assistance. It is important that all enjoy themselves. For this to happen we need your help. It is essential for  parents to sign and understand the helpers roster form and come forward to help when rostered on. If this happens the Centre runs smoothly. For

  Insurance requirements parents assisting are asked to sign on

 Rules of Competition

 Little Athletics Association of New South Wales rules for competition.  

 Weekly Programs

 We have three (3) rotating programs and a wet weather program. If the committee decides the track is unsafe for normal events the wet weather program  will be used. If the track is unsafe for competition, the events will be cancelled. The grounds will be checked at approximately. 5.00 pm.

 Championships & Carnivals

 Many Championships and Carnivals are available all athletes of all abilities are encouraged to attend. Including, Centre run Carnivals, Association  Championships and Gala Days. Keep your eye on our Notice Board or see the Championship Officer for more information.

 Centre Uniform

 Centre Singlet Crop Top with Black shorts or bike pants.

 All athletes are required to wear their registration number on the front of their uniform. The age patch must be on the left hand side of the uniform.  Sponsor patches are part of the rquired uniform. If the athlete competes above Centre level it is necessary to wear the centre Number “53” on the back of

  the uniform. The “53” can be obtained from the Registrar or Championship Officer.

 Appropriate footwear is required at all times.

 Athletes from under 9 upwards are able to wear "spikes" in laned events, long jump, triple jump and high jump. Spikes must be removed immediately on  completion of the event whilst still on the track. Under 8's and under are not permitted to use spikes at any time.


 The Committee, elected at the Annual General Meeting runs the Centre for the members following the constitution. The Committee meets on the first  Monday of each month at Morgan Power Reserve. All are welcome to attend.


Coaching is provided to athletes of any ability week nights from 6.00pm for more information see the Coaching Coordinator.


Sponsors help keep the Centre running with their generosity, please support all of our sponsors when ever possible.

 First Aid

 Any injury must be reported and recorded to the First Aid Officer at the time of the injury. First Aid is administered from the Canteen. St.John Ambulance  NSW regarding First Aid courses and general information. 

 Codes of Conduct

 The Australian Sports Commission has developed Codes of Behaviour for use in sporting programs for children. Kings Langley Little Athletics Inc., totally  endorses these Codes for all its participants the LA NSW behavioural guidelines

 BBQ and Canteen

 The Canteen and BBQ are a very important part of our Centre, but to be truly effective the Centre needs the continued support of parents every Friday night.  I f you would like to regularly assist please speak with our Canteen and BBQ people. Age groups are roster on to help at the BBQ every Friday please  ensure you are eager to assist when your Age Group is due to assist.

 Point Score System

 Kings Langley Little Athletics operates a point score system. The aim of the Centre's Point score is to encourage all athletes to improve their own  personal best efforts. It points for trying, not winning.

 The winner is not necessarily the most talented athlete but the most consistent in attendance and improvement. Athletes who nominate to represent the  Centre at Association run Championships and who do not attend competition on the Friday night immediately prior to the championships will be given an  attendance "points" for that Friday provided that they compete at the championships.


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